Recording Projects


Planetudes, 2019

Planetudes, 2019

Planetudes, album forthcoming fall 2019
Ouzel 5’11”
Underwater Gardens 4’31”
Dolphin Surf 2’39”
Weddells 4’37”
Moon Jellyfish 5’43”
Owl Night 2’15”
Lunaverse 7’59”
Dawn of the Fawn 1’51”

All compositions written, scored, and conducted by Duncan Neilson
Recorded by Andrew Canulette at Dogfish Sound, Portland, OR.
Mixed by Andrew Canulette and Duncan Neilson
Mastered by Bernie Grundman at Bernie Grundman Mastering, 640 N. Gower Street, Hollywood, CA 

Flute: Elise Blatchford, French Horn: Leander Star, Tuba: Andrew Canulette, Glockenspiel: T.J. Arko, Vibraphone: T.J. Arko and Joe Janiga, Hand Percussion (bongos, conga, udu): Israel Annoh, Trap Set: Reinhardt Melz and Joe Janiga, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Banjo, and Guitar Looping: Leroy Critcher, Electric Bass and Upright Acoustic Bass: Damian Erskine, Piano and Keyboards (Moog synthesizers, Farfisa organ, Andromeda A6 synthesizer, Sequential Prophet 6, Steinway piano): Duncan Neilson, Accordion: Courtney von Drehle, Violin I: Peter Frajola, Violin II: Bela Balogh, Cello: Katherine Schultz, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Banjo, and Guitar Looping: Leroy Critcher, Electric Bass and Upright Acoustic Bass: Damian Erskine

Planetudes II, album forthcoming 2020

Concert Music

Orchestral and chamber Works

The Monster (2011)
for orchestra, choir, and time-based drawings
A multi-arts retelling of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, told from the viewpoint of the monster, including hand-drawn animation projected above the orchestra. Duration: 25 minutes

Under the Carnival (2010)
for flute, oboe, Bb clarinet, alto saxophone, viola, bass, piano, and percussion.
Duration: 18 minutes

Feirfiz (2008)
for Middle Eastern music ensemble and narrator
Music by Duncan Neilson, story by Duncan Neilson and Liz Gill Neilson, based on a retelling of the Medieval legend of Parzival, visuals by Liz Gill Neilson.
Duration: 90 minutes

Totenwolf (2007)
for string quartet and piano four-hands
16 minutes

Luna Circus (2007 version)
arranged for flute, oboe, Bb clarinet, alto saxophone, viola, bass, piano, and percussion. 
Duration 10 minutes

Hyperfiction (2007 version)
arranged for flute, oboe, Bb clarinet, alto saxophone, viola, bass, piano, and percussion. 
Duration 20 minutes

Heart of the Wild: Tale II, Return of the Sun Bear (2007)
for orchestra, storyteller and projected visuals.  
Duration: 30 minutes

Heart of the Wild, Three Movements for String Quartet (2006) 
Duration: 12 minutes

Three Pieces for String Quartet (2006) 
Duration 7 minutes

Song for Peace (2005)
for children’s choir, sopranos, altos, harp, and piano
Duration 7’ 30”

Dances from Heart of the Wild (2005)
for two pianos. Duration 16’20”

Two Romances (2005) for flute and guitar
Duration 9 minutes

Four Romances (2004) for flute and guitar
Duration 17 minutes

Luna Circus (2002)
for flute, Bb clarinet/bass clarinet/alto saxophone, percussion, harp, piano, violin, cello
Duration 10 minutes

Sweet Nothing (2001)
for flute, english horn, clarinet in Bb, horn in F, vibraphone, piano, violin, viola, cello, contrabass
Duration 8 minutes

Butterfly Zone (2000) for solo piano
Duration 15 minutes

Hyperfiction (1999) for solo piano
Duration 20 minutes

Andromeda Baby (1997)
for mezzo-soprano, theremin, and amplified orchestra (flute, oboe, Bb clarinet, bassoon, horn, trumpet, bass trombone, vibraphone, synthesizer, strings)
Duration 8 minutes

Mad Love songs (1997) for soprano and piano.
Duration15 minutes

Errant Angels (1995)
for amplified flute, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone, vibraphone, trap set, electric guitar, piano, amplified violin, electric bass. 
Duration 6’20”

Rigoletto in Funkytown (1994) for orchestra. 
Duration 4’00”

Rock, Experimental, and Performance art Works

Blend Engine songs (2000-2001)
for vocalist, electric guitar, drum kit, synthesizer, electric bass
Duration 35 minutes
1. Juggernaut
2. Luna Monster
3. Fipsy Fopsy Figallo Fish
4. The Stare
5. Le Carnaval
6. Pretty Please
7. Foam
8. Caterwaul
New York City performances:  Kat Roark, soprano, Steven Kane, electric guitar, Andreas Ruggie, electric bass, Toby Broadie, drums, Duncan Neilson, piano and keyboards.

Round Three (2000) for electronic tape. 
Duration 8 minutes

Ultraviolet songs (1998-1999)
for vocalists, electric guitar, electronic tape, drums, Kurzweil piano, electric bass.  Duration 30 minutes
1. Fire Engine
2. Psycho Jenny
3. Open Season
4. F.I.N.E.
5. Boyz
6. The Wrong Song
7. Models (Who Wants Them?)
8. Do You Have Any Weapons?...My Voice

Pea (arrangement) (1996)
for vocalist, electric bass, and piano
Duration 3 minutes

The Barbie Variety Show (1996) for amplified flute, amplified viola, soprano, tenor, percussion, trap set, electric guitar, electric bass, Kurzweil, and video projections. 
Duration 20 minutes

The Lotus Spell (1995) for electronic tape
Duration 5 minutes

Film, Commercial, and Installation

Good Question Studio

Good Question is a composer/producer collaboration between Duncan Neilson and Andrew Canulette of Dogfish Sound in Portland, Oregon.

UNICEF Rwanda Zero Tolerance to Violence (2’38”) 2018
A UNICEF Campaign to Re-Affirm the commitment to end violence against children and young people in Rwanda (Electronica, drum samples)
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Good Question Demo Reel 2018
On Beauty (1’43”)
Child’s Book of Dreams (2’05”)
Little Bitz, (2’42”)

Starmonster Project 2017
An exploration of 1980s-era vintage synthesizers, drum machines, and contemporary electronic samples (Logic Pro X, Prophet 6 synthesizer, Roland CR-5000, and Omnisphere)
Starmonster I Theme and Intro (1’03”)
Star Monster 2 They’re landing! (1’06”)
Star Monster 3 The Chase (2’46”)
Star Monster 4 True Romance (5’15”)
Star Monster 5 Spy Meet Spy (3’40”)
Star Monster 5 From Here to Outer Space (2’35”)

Duncan Neilson, keyboards, electronica and drum programming, mixing
Andrew Canulette, additional drum programming, mixing
Recorded at Good Question Studio